Support and maintenance

Have you already implemented Salesforce and are you having difficulties? Isn’t it working efficiently? Need help? Our team of experts accompanies your business at every stage. All companies are developing and expanding, so the need to improve the system is revealed.
We will be able to identify the sources of difficulties of your system with detailed business analysis of activities and establish the company's business processes, as well as train employees for further effective use. After conducting a detailed business analysis, you will receive specific solutions and an action plan for development.
Our team can help you not only fix existing bugs, but also provide routine audits, provide training or do a full use compliance check, upgrade and modernize your system, and check for security.

What is included in the service?

Project assessment, interviews and meetings
Business analysis, technical and administrative audit
Drafting terms of reference, security review and testing, technical work, trial and test runs
Training, consulting and technical support after implementation

Stages of work

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In the process of rendering support and maintenance services company specialists use methods of brainstorming, benchmarking and interviewing, data and process modeling, risk analysis, root cause and requirements analysis. After the initial stage, the priority tasks are defined and a solutions specification is developed, an estimate is made and agreed upon with the customer. During project implementation, analysts perform quality control.