About us

About us

The main activity of our company is to help companies to automate their business processes and their digitalization, with more than 700 projects of different complexity in its arsenal.

We have a handful of skeptics who like to challenge our own assumptions, and a group of perfectionists who don't know when to quit. We are thinkers and innovators who are determined to rethink the way any digitalization works.

Salesforce experts
Years in operation
Average age
of the company
Middle/Senior level

This status attests to the fact that:

Our company is well organized, with clear division of responsibilities and procedures
Foreign capital is increased due to favorable credit and processing conditions
Work technology is followed, there are operational instructions documented and known to all staff
We have only professional staff capable of doing their job to a high standard

It's important to us that our clients operate successfully and efficiently, which is why we're particularly focused on developing the Salesforce CRM system. We don't stand still, always looking and going only forward. We are a resident of the High Technology Park - one of the largest IT clusters and high technology in Central and Eastern Europe. Thus, we have taken a course on the development of our own developments which help to automate business of our customers.

Our mission

Find the best solution for automating your business
It is important for us to provide only quality services, so we spend a lot of time training our employees, creating a team of highly qualified professionals. To this end, we are constantly investing in the training of our team. The company pays for professional development courses for our employees. TechIn stands on the principles of mutual assistance, sharing knowledge for maximum results and quality.