Implementation of a flexible solution for a publishing company

Implementation of a flexible solution for a publishing company

Services offered: Zuora, Salesforce Sales Cloud & Experience Cloud
Location: US
Industry: publishing industry

What’s the Problem?

The US customer (publishing industry) asked us to adapt their magazine subscription process to new market demands. They needed to launch a digital subscription revenue system. Before the implementation, they were running legacy systems which lacked necessary flexibility and agility to sell their magazine subscriptions to a wider readership.

What we did...

Implementation of a flexible solution for a publishing company
  1. TechIn proposed a scalable cloud-based solution with Zuora as a Billing and Subscription system and Salesforce Sales and Experience clouds
  2. TechIn architecture team designed data models and flows in Zuora and Salesforce, which included Subscriptions, Products, Product Rate Plans, Product Rate Plan Charges, Accounts, Payments, etc.
  3. Our engineering team optimized Salesforce <-> Zuora integration process and implemented complex Apex-side logic for effective Lead scoring
  4. We migrated more than 300k records from multiple legacy tables into Salesforce and Zuora after an extensive data cleansing process with significantly increased data integrity and usability
  5. Our tech team established GDPR and PCI-compliant safeguards, including SSO from Google, Salesforce Visibility & Sharings configurations and security events monitoring
  6. Our Salesforce engineers implemented custom Lightning Web Components in order to aggregate useful information for service agents in a single screen.
    We also utilized Salesforce Open CTI to integrate the client's legacy telephony system natively to Salesforce