Data orchestration

Data orchestration

Services offered: Salesforce Sales Cloud, Lightning Web Components, Apex, Visualforce
Location: Spain
Industry: Insurance

What’s the Problem?

An insurance company needed to improve their user interface, because it was implemented on Salesforce classic and caused some troubles with new specialists, because they are getting used to the Lightning. On the other hand they want to improve response time from their data processing and enhance the security model of transferred data between components. Also in the future they want to integrate with external systems that provide custom components to simplify some steps of data processing.

What we did...

  1. Our architecture team analyzes BA’s result and suggests a new approach that avoids performance bottleneck and improved security model of transferred data. Also the suggested approach has the ability to communicate and delegate some of the process to other components
  2. TechIn business analytic gathers requirements from the client and develops business flow of existing implementation and shows to the client potential problems with high workload. and suggests workaround for these bottlenecks
  3. We have implemented an LWC orchestrator that stores a whole pack of data in one place and shares data with other components, with the ability to delegate responsibilities. Lightning web components communicate with Apex controllers in order to process sensitive parts of data and retrieve metadata to display parts of the user interface when it is needed
  4. Our administrator team created necessary metadata in Salesforce in order to support flexibility of the new implementation
  5. TechIn proposed a solution that replaced legacy implementation on Classic with Lightning Web Componen