Stages of work

Getting to know

Establishing communication with the client, identifying needs.


Detailed analysis of the client's business goals and subject area, creation of models, definition of the entity and attributes, analysis of the specifics of the chosen solution. A team of business analysts is working on the formation of business goals. Business analysis of the project will help clarify all the nuances and cost of development, compare the requirements and capabilities of Salesforce, reduce the number of improvements and implement the IT project on time and within the agreed budget. Business analysts conduct technical and administrative audits, find out all the requirements of the client. Also at this stage, the identification, analysis and classification of stakeholders are carried out and decision models are created, a functional model is formed.

You can only tell the essence of the development, and our team of business analysts and developers will find the best solution. Or, if you need a Salesforce team, we'll send you an offer with candidates and interview them.


Creation of a model with a description of key requirements, efficiency calculations, determination of the hierarchy, all levels and goals of the program task being solved. Identification of the hierarchy and all levels and goals of the task being solved, a detailed description of the flow of events in each of the business logic scenarios. Checking scenarios and screen prototypes for compliance with customer requirements. Analysis of the plan for feasibility, the distribution of the plan by items and the allocation of time for each item. Time management is the most important point, it is necessary that all participants know which step is being worked on. It also cleans up the data.

TOR and agreement

Elaboration of terms of reference, checking scenarios and prototypes for compliance to customer requirements, test demonstration of design examples and negotiation with the client.

Process to achieve success

Implementation of the technical part and testing, quality control. Test run, security check of the entire technical deployment. Presentation of the results of the consultation to the client with a proposal for further cooperation in the implementation. Identification of problems and consideration of solutions. Making proposals and analyzing them.


Upon completion, training is provided for key employees, as well as ongoing consulting and technical support for the customer.